Thursday, May 6, 2010

Certifying Your Prints

It has come to my attention that a service is available for photographers & artists to allow them to essentially certify the limited availability of prints & artwork that are produced and sold.

The service is provided by a company called ARTrust. If you are a photographer producing limited edition prints, then this service can give you the means to actually certifiy the true limited edition value of the produced prints. That is done by the use of non-reproduceable Bubble Tags that are paired with each individual produced print.

A visit of the company website provides more details on the service. My visit of the site's gallery shows that no less than esteemed photographer Douglas Kirkland has joined in using this service for his prints of Marilyn Monroe. That's enough to impress me to look at using this service for future production of my own limited edition prints.

There is a cost to join, and a cost to the purchasing of Bubble Tag sets. But for the long term, any photographer or artist that is effectively selling their work in any decent quantity, should give serious thought to making use of this service. For it would further add extra value to what is produced and sold for both the immediate future and the long term collectibility of each produced & sold piece of art.


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