Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Suggestion for Canon

In professional photography photographers tend to associate themselves with the camera brand that they choose to work with. You're either a Canon Shooter, a Nikon Shooter, an Olympus Shooter, etc. For myself, I happen to be a Canon Shooter and have been since I took up photography as part of my web design business.

And during all the time that I have been shooting, it's always been a common thing to see your camera bodies in Black, Silver, or a combination of those 2 colors. But in the last couple of years as digital cameras have become much more common for the consumer, additional colors have become to make their appearance at least in digital compacts and digital consumer camcorders.

And in fact, Canon and Panasonic are 2 camera brands that I am familiar with where at least in the category of digital compacts camera body colors have increased in selection. With the Canon Powershot series of cameras it is possible to purchase camera models in Blue, Red, Brown, Green, Pink, Orange, Gold, and Purple. In addition to the traditional Black and Silver.
Canon also offers digital consumer camcorders in at least Blue & Red colors that I am aware of.

In the Panasonic line of cameras, you can find camera models in Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, and Violet. In addition to Black and Silver. Also, it happens that Panasonic also offers the G1 series DSLR bodies in Blue, Red & White.

As a Canon shooter, I am here to register my only true complaint to Canon that I have. And that is to ask them why they cannot add color bodies to their professional line of EOS cameras? Personally, what I would like to see in the Canon EOS body line is the addition of White/Black Trim, White/Silver Trim, White/Gold trim bodies to complement the White "L" series lenses offered by Canon. And in addition also offer EOS bodies in Blue & Red at least.

Adding a bit of color spice to the Canon EOS body line would just help to make things a bit more fun in handling the equipment. At least for me it would. OK, that completes my 1 and only complaint that I have with Canon.

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