Saturday, May 28, 2011

Personal Update

Hello Everyone!

It has been awhile since my last post. Alot has been going on in my personal life that has been keeping me busy. Back in January, after I had my surgery for removal of my gallblader, my father had a surgery a week later. His surgery was for removal of plaque in his carotid artery on the left side of his neck. During that surgery my father wound up having a 2nd stroke. That 2nd stroke seriously effected by father and his abilities. Afterwards, I wound up helping to take care of my father, helping him to recover and get back on his feet. In the intervening months my father has made some good progress in his recovery. But still he continues to have some health problems.

In addition to dealing with my father's health issues, it turns out that my own health became an issue when I found myself having a heart attack last week. I wound up spending 4 days at the Rogue Valley Medical Center heart center. A stint was installed in one of the arteries of my heart. I now have new meds for my heart added to my set of meds that I have been taking for my back pain issues.

So those issues have been consuming a great deal of my personal time. However, I have found a small amount of time through the following months to work on some photography related work. Those notes will be written about in succeeding posts over the next few days. Be on the lookout for those.