Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Health Update

I am still recovering from my surgery on Saturday that removed my gallbladder. But I am definitely not recovering fast enough to allow me to take my trip to Las Vegas this Friday. That trip was to attend the Adult Entertainment Expo so that I could promote my photography services to various companies and models. I had bought my trade show pass and airline ticket on Dec 21st. So everything was totally secure to attend until I had my pancreatic attack Christmas evening. This is a most frustrating period in my life right. I can't get a refund on the trade show pass since I purchased it after the deadline for getting a refund. I cancelled my airline reservation and was only able to get a $69 credit out of a $184 ticket purchase. I personally found that to be some serious bullshit. I can understand not getting refunded on the misc taxes that go into a ticket price. But I cancelled well within the 24 hour window that disallows a refund.

The airline I went through was Allegiant Air. And I have flown with them in the past. But they charged a $50 cancellation fee for each leg of my trip which cost me $100 for the cancellation. I personally find that size of cancellation fee totally outrageous. The ticket was bought online, the cancellation was done online, so where is that excessive expense coming into their operation that demands that they charge a $50 cancellation fee? I will allow some kind of cancellation fee to some degree. But I find this situation is excessive.

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