Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Round of Self-Promotion

As a photographer I find myself regularly working on self-promotion of myself & mywork. As I have several years of experience as a webmaster for various models, my promotion efforts are generally oriented online. And my efforts tend to take a slightly different direction because of my webmaster background.

Good web promotion goes beyond just submitting your site to the search engines. Building a good name recognition factor requires increasing the relevancy of your name to the key search terms and phrases that you choose to associate yourself with. And increasing relevancy in search engine results also requires making an effort to associating your name with other relevant/similar types of sites.

For myself, I focus my photograpghy services in the areas of fitness, fashion, glamour & erotica. One thing that I do myself is constantly search out directory oriented sites that are strongly built around my chosen themes.

In the last few days I have done another round of web searching and built up a list of over 50 websites that concern themselves with erotica art & photography, glamour, fashion & modeling. So I am going to being the process now of going to each of the sites on my developed list and begin creating profiles on these sites. Increasing the number of web profiles through these sites will in the long term strenghen my name association to the key themes that I want to connect with.

As I begin this process I will update here on the specific sites that I am submitting too. And also discuss the quality of the sites that I submit too.

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